AI chatbot for OnlyFans

Hi all, let me tell you the story of how I ended up creating the first OnlyFans chatbot.

There was a point of time in my life in the past year, where for some reason, a kid who had found some success in e-commerce was surrounded by guys who ran OnlyFans management agencies (iconic right! The epitome of business - Ecom and OFM).

I found out… that agencies… employ people in the Philippines… who literally live on a farm (sometimes, but not all the time)… to sit behind computers… logged into their OnlyFans creators… SELLING THEIR CONTENT.



I had so many questions. Is this legal? Do fans know about it? Is this how you are making all your money?

The answers I got were brutally awakening…

Most of an agencies revenue comes through the revenue they’re able to squeeze with well trained chat assistants who are offshore (most being in South-East Asia).

But this is getting exposed quick.


Because OnlyFans is growing at 70% a month in users.

And more agencies are popping up and making their dash for the cash.

Because when men are thinking with their other head, it gets tremendously tough to make intelligent decisions (this decision making capability drops quite aggressively by the time they’re on OnlyFans talking to a 23yr old who they’ve built an affection for).

Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with a woman (or a man) selling their content online through an OnlyFans and then employing professionals to manage their direct messages.

There are clear boundaries and it’s a solid means to an income for a large group of people around the world.

But where I put my foot down is 37yr old Filipino men responding… AS THE CREATOR!

Again! WTF!?

I called my CTO and said “we need to make AI talk sexy”

10 weeks later, with an additional 5 core team members added, Botly launched.

Botly is now powering over 7,000 DMs a WEEK on OnlyFans.

  • Botly talks like the actual creator by getting to know them in a personality building phases and optimises based on past conversations.
  • Botly can expand agencies into new markets, automatically chatting in 10 languages.
  • Choose between prompts with phases

There’s so much more, so if you’re interested - give it a look! :point_right:

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