AI Wingman For Online Dating

Co-creator of MGAI here.

We built MGAI based on the bestselling book The Message Game, which is the top practical guide for online dating for heterosexual men, with hundreds of examples. This existed before AI became prominent.

What made it so easy was that we already had the data for it, having collected tens of thousands of screenshots of conversations on Tinder, Facebook, Instagram, etc over the years, all from the perspective of the man sending and receiving messages in order the try getting dates.

If you would like to try it, you can go to Telegram’s MessageGameAIBot, it is also available on Facebook by searching ‘MGAI’.

It is free to use for a limited time, but you can also earn extra credits by sharing your referral link. You will be able to get these credits very easily, because anyone who uses your link COUNTS.

Also worth noting, it comes with a monthly webinar where subscribers can get expert HUMAN dating advice on their messaging, Tinder profiles and Instagram profiles. Plus there’s also a Telegram group for the subscribers.

Would be great for a website like There’s An AI For That to display information like this.

I guess the final thing is… If you would like to be an affiliate, just send me an email at icewhiteofficial @ googlemail. com and see you on the other side.