I ranked AI Tools by web traffic to see what tools people actually use

There are lots of AI Tools out there but don’t think anyone has rated them based on web traffic to see what ones people are actually using yet!

So I compiled a list of 1,900+ AI tools that I have seen shared on Twitter and LinkedIn. Then calculated their web traffic ranking amongst each other, which you can see on the website I created: https://airankings.co/.

Over 200 had enough web traffic to be ranked. Unsurprisingly Bing, Grammarly, Copilot, Canva and ChatGPT rank incredibly high. I didn’t realise Character AI was so popular though.

I also thought it would be interesting to track movement of the tools over time i.e. to see what ones are trending and moving up in the rankings. Looks like AI / ChatGPT powered Chatbots, Aggregator sites and Ask PDF sites are doing pretty well recently.

There’s An AI For That actually came in at #2 in growth over the last 90 days!!! Awesome to see :fire:

I then combined the analysis into a tool where you can sort and see all 200+ ranked AI tools, filter by category and sort by rank, and movement (24h, 30d and 90d).

Please let me know if you have any thoughts on the analysis or feedback on the site (https://airankings.co/)

Appreciate it!


Cool! Navigating through tons of new AI tools is a pain. Ranking them by web traffic is a great idea :+1: I would also add actual MAU to know not only the rank but also the exact number of users last month. Thank you! :raised_hands: