Introducing PodStash

Transform Any Web Link into a Podcast

Why Did I Create PodStash?
I’m passionate about podcasts and audiobooks. Being a slow reader, they offer me the advantage of multitasking and time-saving. I suffer from what I call “browser-tab-guilt”; I often open numerous tabs with articles I intend to read but seldom do. PodStash empowers me to “stash” these articles and close the tab, alleviating my guilt and increasing the chances I’ll delve into the subject matter.

Emergent Product Features
Products that harness the power of large language models often yield intriguing results. Unexpectedly, I discovered PodStash’s aptitude for generating near-perfect translations in various languages. Partnering with a voice synthesizer like ElevenLabs ensures impeccable pronunciation in these translations. This feature shines for those learning a new language or seeking to enhance domain-specific vocabulary—imagine translating finance-centric articles from Bloomberg, Reuters, or FT into your mother tongue.

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