Issue solved no problem

Customer service kindy contacted me through this forum and swiftly resolved the issue.

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Sorry to hear that. Never tried them out before

Hey, I am the CEO and Creator of here.
Sorry to hear your ordeal with
Our email servers had a glitch.

Our free version supports only 5 mins of videos.
So, submitting videos of longer length will run into “not enough credit” notification.

If you try with videos of lesser duration and start with a new account (where you get 5 mins worth of credit), the dubbing runs great! You can try that out right now here:

Also, we are a fairly new company. Please don’t hurt us by posting negative things or giving 1 star rating just because of this.
We accept our fault with email and we will fix it in next 6 hours.

But our technology and support team is top-notch, much better than all the alternatives here.
There’s no doubt about that.

You will get your refund in case of grievance.
I am again sorry to not have received your mail.

Our mail servers were in zoho, we will shift to google workspace in next few hours fpr smoother operation.

Also wanted to point out again, You will get your refund . It will be processed soon.

I have just heard about the issue through this post, did not receive the mail earlier due to the glitch.
My sincerest apologies for that.

But please don’t give us 1 star for the email glitch. We have worked day and night for the last 6 months to make this useful technology to help content creators. Feels sad to be shot down by one glitch.

Can you please read the in app messages I sent you and answer my questions. I wouldn’t have gone through all this if I wasn’t interested in what your pitch says you offer. I need to know if you have the solution I’m looking for.

Sure, I will reply te issues you have raised in next 3 hours. Hope that’s okay for you.

I’m trying it again right now with a different video. Its been processing for 5 minutes now is that normal? I have a 55 minute video thats justa touch over your 50mb max, does the plan I purchased allow for a longer video upload?

The pro plan you purchased allows for total 30 mins of video dubbing instead of 5 mins in the free plan. You will be able to purchase additional credits soon. Rule of thumb is 6 credits = 1 mins of videodubbing = 10/30 USD = 33 cents . That’s cheaper than all the videodubbing services out there.

So, to answer your question, if you have 55 mins of video, it won’t work as it is over 30 mins. But once you purchase the additional credits needed for that, it will work definitely.

Also, hope you got the output for the last video you uploaded.

Also, I can see that you have 17 languages to translate your video into.
Subtitle generation takes 1 credit - that’s done only once.

Translation of subtitles is 1 credit for each of the 17 languages = 17 credits

Voice over or actual translated video generation is 4 credits for 17 languages = 68 credits

Total 68+17+1= 86 credits for 1 min of input video.

I started off with over 200 credits and the video is 49 seconds. No I have not been able to generate anything.

Its still processing after 7 hours