Looking for a co-founder to join forces with on AI idea(s)!

Hey! Firstly shoutout to Andrei for building TAAFT - this is an awesome community.

Posting here because I’m working on a couple of tools that use generative AI, and looking to join forces with another engineer to incubate with and build them out asap (starting this coming week). I’ve already done a bunch of the foundational technical work and continuing to build, but now looking to meet other devs who are a) building in AI and b) looking for a co-founder or new project to dive into asap.

I’m sure there are builders here indie-hacking their own projects, so if you’re interested in joining forces + incubating new ideas we could build in parallel, reply here or shoot me an email asap at [email protected] (temp email, no DM feature here).

Down to share more around the ideas themselves if we speak, but for context, they’re based on newer models in text2music / text2video but for specific niches. Also down to go through your own ideas and see if there’s an interesting one we could build out. One-liner on my background: PM at a startup, SF-based, mid-20s.

Again, I’ll dive into my background and what I’m working on if we connect (so don’t anon hate on this lol). This is time-sensitive - I’m trying to find someone to jump on these with asap, so shoot me an email if you’re working on something interesting and are down to connect, or if anyone you know is!


lets talk. lets make impact