Looking for a specific text to image converting AI for my Mindfulness App

Hi guys

I like to develop mindfulness Web and mobile app. There are quite a few channel on You tube about subliminal message. Most of them use “I” as a subject
I want to make an Web site and App which is using customized subliminal message by client’s own name.
Making an affirmation is crucial point of the subliminal boosters. Making video also will be wonderful if AI could customized video and sound for individuals. It can be downloaded to a person as it is the unique subliminal product for only one person on earth. I need a developer who can handle text to image, text to video, text to sound, text to music AI tools. There are a number of products using Text to something AI but I need specifically Text to Jacksonn Pollack style painting or oriental painting. If you know such a AI product, Please post your thought and opinion

Omniinfer Stable Diffusion API provides developers with powerful AI image generation and AI image creation capabilities that meet various needs such as life image design, image editing, digital media editing, and artistic inspiration. You can use it for your own stable diffusion text2image, image2image ,
Support Text to Image, Image to Image, LoRA, ControlNet, Inpainting , free to try it on.

In summary, we offer three service options to meet your AI image generation needs.
With our API service, you can quickly and affordably generate images using over 10,000 models.

Our [WebUI demo] service allows you to run models without GPU computation time on websites, with a nominal fee per image.

The [WebUI extension service provides a seamless integration with AUTOMAIC1111 UI and enables faster image generation without the need for expensive GPUs. Choose the option that suits you best and enjoy the benefits of our services.

We also recently supported the No GPU WebUI

You can give it a try to make sure it’s right for you