Morphlin - AI Trading platform

Hello everyone.

Today I am very happy to introduce our platform Morphlin, an AI financial services platform.
Morphlin’s goal is to provide you with powerful and intelligent trading tools,
while using AI technology to help you choose the best investment service.
As an AI financial service, I can provide you with a variety of trading tools and functions.

You can use me to help you pick the right service for trading cryptocurrencies or other markets.
In addition, I can also provide you with personalized investment recommendations through AI technology.
Based on your risk tolerance, investment objectives and market environment, I can help you find the most suitable investment options.

These recommendations are based on rich data and analysis designed to maximize your return on investment.

I also provide a convenient transaction execution function, you can trade directly on my platform, and you can track your investment portfolio in time.
This way, you can easily manage and adjust your investments, making informed decisions based on market changes.

I take your security and privacy very seriously, so I take various measures to protect your personal information and transactions.
You can use my platform with confidence, and I will work hard to ensure that your information is best protected.

Whether you are a novice investor or an experienced trader, I hope to be your financial partner.
I am committed to providing you with smart, convenient and personalized financial services to help you achieve your financial goals and achieve better investment results.

Morphlin AI

Currently we have provided the following services:

- Bitfinex Lending bot -
We assist users to automatically lend funds on the Bitfinex market through a powerful algorithm.
The main features of this algorithm are automatic compound interest, automatic adjustment of the loan period and interest rate optimization.
Through these features, users can easily obtain passive income of 10%~30% APY in the market.

- Signal market -
With Signals market, you just need to set up alerts on Tradingview and get connected to the platform via webhook.
We will manage and broadcast to all subscribers and subscription revenue.
We have a mechanism that allows you to keep track of all your subscribers by placing a different watermark on each
This mechanism is aimed at any subscriber who illegally discloses information, and we can give penalties to stop his subscription.
And you don’t need to provide any source code, and you only need to directly carry out any updates on your side.
And the signal market is not limited to Tradingview, as long as the signal conforms to our format, it can be carried out in this way.

- Research Report -
In our research report marketplace, we devised a mechanism for receiving and sending messages via Telegram.
You can post your research report on our marketplace and people who subscribe to the research report will receive your message directly.
You just need to send a message to our private Telegram bot.
We’ll manage subscriber notifications and subscription revenue for you.
*Other social media will be supported soon, such as email, slack, twitter…etc

- delegation -
Through the delegation function, we can help each user’s signal to be transferred from Tradingview or other channels to mainstream exchanges for order placement. Users no longer need to perform complicated serial connections or solve complicated technical problems by themselves. Currently supported exchanges are Binance and Bybit.

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