Promoting TheresAnAIForThat as an affiliate

I have been promoting this site and its tools ever since I found it 2 days ago. I’ve been super excited about all of the possibilities and I want to use my marketing skills to spread the word, everywhere.
However, the affiliate link that is provided brings the user to the main page. There is a set of instructions stating that I can promote any tool by adding a specific entry at the end of the URL. But when I did that, I noticed that the numbers do not populate for the analytics of the main Affiliate link. I hope I was clear enough, any help I can get with this would be greatly appreciated

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send me link to best referral program

Hi Josh, I wish i could assist you, but could you or anyone else please assist me? I would like to know where a person joins on this site to become an affiliate? Your feeback will be greatly appreciated!

Hey everyone, please go to the main page and scroll down to the footer. You’ll see a link to the affiliate program.

Also if you like theresanaiforthat please check out a project I am working on that’s a superset of the site: I am building it in public.

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