Seeking co-founder for

Currently building a few AI projects. i’m looking for someone to help me with BUZR AI (
It’s an ai matchmaker, similar to ( but with some very unique twists, such as an onboarding process that happens by enabling the user to talk to there favorite hero/celeb. (think similar to ( And also i’m building it to be accessible to everyone (unlike keeper charging $50,000 per successful match that results in marriage).

Currently open to either making it free & open source or offered at an insanely affordable rate that enables just about anyone who wants to participate.

I currently just finished the first iteration of the model (orgin huggingface). I have somewhere between 60-70 percent of the development done (almost the entire backend).

I’m still not entirely sure i’m going to be able to find the right person here, but I figure i’ll give it a shot.
Ideally someone competent in front end and backend.
(Twitter) @zalehm
(IG) @lehmanzack

[email protected]