Started as a fun project and its becoming a reality |

Kids’ book creation using AI.

I told my kids how AI would revolutionize the world, but they ignored me. When they asked me for a bedtime story, I made one using the AI, and it was fun and exciting. I gain some respect :slight_smile:

Does anyone here think that this is useful for bedtime stories?


This is so cool! I hope it’s not inappropriate to ask this, but is there a comparison between your service and similar others? I think the future is specialization and differentiation! Again, congrats on your work, I’m trying it as I’m typing this!

Later edit: Maybe try to take out the killing parts? (no pun intended). Not something I would read my 4 y.o.

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Thank you for the feedback. We are building more features to replace some words like this. Thank you for much for your feedback.