There was an Internet before chatgpt and after chatgpt. My favourite tools for study and insights

It will have happened to everyone, for some months now certain Ai tools have become almost irreplaceable when searching the Internet.

I don’t even want to imagine what an Internet would be like with only Google and without any more of my valuable ‘assistants’. :slight_smile:

Let us begin.

In first place is Sidebar chatgpt, a browser extension for chrome and Edge.
A simple button on the side of the browser and you call up a tab that summarises the text of the web page or allows you to ask custom questions such as (list the most used words in this article).

Very useful if you are spending hours reading scientific papers and need a quick summary.
Sider.AI (

Research paper scinetifics and historical documentation

Elicit: Elicit: The AI research assistant for the advanced searches Elicit allows me to discover less famous related papers that without these tools you would never have found or with a lot of effort and hours/days of research… and as a plus it has the possibility to ask questions within the paper of key concepts not understood.
Together with SemanticScholar it is an excellent aid in the search for verified and scientifically conducted information. (

Perpexlity ( Perplexity AI) a chatgtp similar in function but with added sources and questions related to the requests you make. also available free on iphone. very fast.

Google Socratic: ( Scholastic Searches for kids and educators on science and social subjects. a perfect mix of Ai and multimedia resources on the net. Search for solutions to your questions by scanning the net for similar questions already asked by users on various portals…

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