ThinkTask - Unleash the Power of ChatGPT in Task Management. Boost your work productivity by 10x while spending 50% less time on task management tools

Hello everyone! We are team ThinkTask, an AI-powered work collaboration and project management tool, which also provides an all-in-one digital workspace, where individuals and businesses can use AI to think, write, plan, summarize, report, manage tasks and more.

We created ThinkTask to provide a more complete and more efficient environment for teams to collaborate, from task management to content creation and collaboration. We support data Integration with ChatGPT & OpenAI, Teams & Projects, and Single Workspace for All (Tasks, Content, Collaboration), Personal/Team Summary and Dynamic Reports Powered by AI.

Our product includes a full task management system like Asana, a content creation platform like Notion, a reporting and summary page, and a data structure that is integrated with the newly released ChatGPT. All are powered by AI. Users can create multiple tasks by simply copy and paste task details using AI, they can use AI to auto-assign tasks and create tags based on historical data, and they can also use AI to generate personal/teamwork summaries and reports.

Some of our features:

  • One-click task creation
  • Auto-assign and auto-tags
  • AI-generated reports
  • Content hubs created with ChatGPT

Feel free to visit our website below and join our waitlist, we plan to launch our product within the next 2-3 weeks. Thank you!


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