What's your opinion on all AI Directory websites such as Webthat?

As I have been following the AI scene, I can say that every single day I see new websites that are basically copy paste of each other.

The only websites I have seen that kind of popup is this, futurepedia and webthat.

Do you have any other recommendation?

These are certainly adrenaline months.

I was not familiar with the sites you posted (they seem OK), finding this one ‘theresanaiforthat’ already complex to follow… :slight_smile:

We are witnessing a copy of what happened in the early years of 2004-2005 with the introduction of web 2.0 apps, which yesterday as now flooded the web with more or less useful services, but it was from web 2.0 that youtube (2005) facebok and apps as we know them today are born.

I would say that we can now sit back and savour this breath of new air in the knowledge that in a few years’ time, very few of these apps will be alive.