Who needs to raise Pre-Seed or Seed Capital?

I am looking for Ai projects that need pre-seed or seed round funding in SE Asia. I am Canadian living in Vietnam and in a unique position having raised money from IDG Capital and Antler in the last 2 calendar years. Let me know and we can share Linkedin’s and go from there.


This is awesome! I think it’s becoming evident that 2023 is the year of AI services. Are VCs scrambling to find investable startups or they already have them in their pipeline?

Btw, if European VCs are not your focus, I might be able to assist here. Anyone, also feel free to reach out.


Cool, good to know. For myself I have first person access to many Singapore, Vietnam and North American VCs and Angels.

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Hey EinsigN, we at Leonardo.ai are currently raising seed capital, can I put you in contact with our founder?

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Just to bounce on that - if there’s anyone looking to fundraise in Europe / US / APAC and wants some help, feel free to connect.

I wrote about fundraising years ago here, and would be happy to help with crafting your pitch or connecting with some investors :slight_smile:

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