A free and open-source ChatGPT UI - ChatWithMe.chat

I built a self-hostable, open-source, ChatGPT UI. I’m close to feature parity with ChatGPT Pro. New features will be added soon.

Code: GitHub - kierangilliam/chatwithme.chat: Open source ChatGPT UI

Site: chatwithme.chat


  • Easy: No login required.
  • Cost efficient: No recurring monthly subscription.
  • Private: Your chat history is only visible to you and OpenAI - no intermediaries.
  • Secure: Your API token is not sent to any party other than OpenAI. It is stored on your machine, not in the cloud.
  • Infinite chat history
  • Self-hostable
  • Prompt templates (coming soon) - Save common prompt intros in a library.
  • Customizable (coming soon)
  • Searchable history (coming soon)

Looking for suggestions for new features. Please comment or send me a PM if you’re interested!

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