Advice for Getting Started Building AI Apps

Hello folks! I’m a newbie to AI app building, with light backend coding experience and keen to get rolling building workflow tools for creatives. I’ve played around with ChatGPT, MJ, SD, but any advice on the best place to start actually building something marketable?

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Hi and welcome! If you have some backend experience and would like to start building AI apps, I recommend playing around with fine-tuned models. Most AI apps are not using fine-tuned models and instead relying on vanilla GPT + prompt hacks. However, the competition is about to get insane and my bet is that if you’re not fine-tuning a model for your specific use case, you will inevitably lose to someone who will.

I bet you’ll be surprised what you can get out of a fine-tuned model.


I am curious as well. I do not have “Dev Ops” skills at all. I can automate mundane tasks in pentesting but I have some really good AI application ideas for music and OSINT/Pentesting. Just not sure where to get started really developing the ideas. I am very open to advice and learning as I know this is the future.

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If you’re on Mac or Linux, open the terminal. If you’re on Windows, install Bash. Then go to the OpenAI documentation and copy paste the example curl commands into the terminal (make sure to replace the API key in the copied text with your own key). Congrats, you fired your first API request.

From here, you have 2 options: code or no code. If you choose code, Google “how to install PHP” and then “curl to PHP” and copy paste the code from the first paragraph into a php file. You now have a super basic backend. Keep googling to add features.

If you choose no code, create an account on The already have integrations with OpenAI and pretty much everything else. You will probably have a super basic MVP in a day.

Good luck!


Super helpful, thank you!!

Do a YouTube video on it

An alternative to the earlier suggest PHP is Django (Python). For example, it takes 5 minutes to install an IDE like Pycharm. Another 30 seconds to launch a Django app/server. You can then use your OpenAI development key to work on a small application calling the API. There you just created a minimum viable backend for a AI app. If you don’t want to spend too much time on the frontend, you can use something like Bootstrap studio. Your mileage of course varies greatly with your experience in working with Django, Python or PHP.


Anderi, What advice/tips you’ll give for fine-tuning model, who don’t have any technical or coding knowledge?

Contact me im sure we can find answers for our journey!

Great advice, thanks a million @andrei et al. :sunglasses:
Appreciate your honesty folks. :facepunch:

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Searched on the website and found this:

Here are the other search results: