AI and research

Hello out there. Please help with AI that can assist with research


I didn’t think about this but searched it and here’s what I found: The 5 Best AI Tools for Postgraduate Research - Scholarcy | The long-form article summariser

Yes, but I would be extraordinarily careful with the results. If you have existing data then it’s perfectly fine to use AI tools to format it or to create spreadsheets from it and then manipulate them until you get to a presentation, the workflow is very good in that regard if you get organized.

However, the text that is generated is never original, so you have to be extremely careful with plagiarism and also the fact that most AIs even the most advanced, hallucinates their results.

They are a couple of AI that have Google research integrated so that you can link academic paper to your work which I find quite useful. But again, it all has to be reviewed by human very very carefully when it comes to research.