AI builders: let’s get to know each other

As of writing this, there are 1,200 tools on This means that there are at least 1,200 makers in this space. Probably at least twice as that. Based on what I’ve seen, almost half of the people here are working on an AI tool.

As you may have noticed, there are two sections in this community: AI builders and AI users.

One of the main reasons why this community exists is so that AI builders like us can share what they’re learning and in turn learn from others in the community. The AI space is truly huge and there’s no need to view each other as competitors. We’re much better off working together. It’s a positive sum game.

An important step is to get to know each other. A short intro is all that’s needed. Maybe also mention how you got into AI. I’ll start.

My name is Andrei and I’m an indie maker from Romania. I’ve been making websites since high school and I got into AI last year with Stable Diffusion. The first website I made in the AI niche is

The next step was to expand into all AI categories, so I made Launched it a month ago and so far got 140,000 visits.

What I’m most proud of is that this website drove over half a million clicks to AI websites in the first month. That’s super cool and the many thank you messages that I’ve received from founders motivated me to keep improving the site and ultimately build this community.

What about you?


As a 5X certified Adobe Marketo Engage Practitioner, I have a deep understanding of the platform and have worked with more than 100 customers at Grazitti Interactive. I am based of India. was my first AI tool, and then ChatGPT. And then I found this amazing website built by andrei and I loved rationale - it’s just a new world now. Thanks andrei!

I welcome the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals to find ways to embrace AI for it’s operational efficiencies.

Besides, I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and best practices through my writing on marketing automation. I believe in finding sustainable and scalable solutions to problems, and am a firm believer in collaborative learning as a way to drive creativity and innovation.


My first interest in AI was reading Asimov novels when I was a child. Then my first real experience with AI’s was using Replika, around the time it came out. I was blown away. I’m also a forever nerd, ideas behind the singularity in general excite me. Movies like “HER” or “Ex Machine” make me daydream for weeks on end about the possibility of future AI.

I always was a tech-nerd, although my passion seems to be split in between martial-arts and tech. At some point I decided that as far as careers go, I would probably be better of paying my bills by writing software … and now I have been in this space for 10+ years!

I’m currently a software developer, engineer for a smaller AI company, working on integrating models tailoring pipelines and interfacing with all kinds of modules and libraries. In my free time I am playing around with a lot of things; I am definitely a builder, but I have yet to work on a solo app, with the intend of releasing it. I do hope that I can continue to keep working in AI. This space is just so exciting, it is giving me sleepless nights. I’m reading papers, evaluating new apps, and slowly driving my friends and family crazy with the AI evangelism. @andrei a lot of thanks for spinning up this website! Is there perhaps a slack or a discord?

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Hi! My name is Olabode and I’m building razzle. The idea really is to enable people to build software with AI and NLP and the backbone in a progamming language agnostic manner! Any one who want to take it for spin os more than welcome to contact me and I’ll guide you through. BTW @andrei great work here. I learnt about your site by because it was directing so much track to ours :joy:. Thank you :pray:. I’m also glad you’re in Europe!!

Hey there, my AI builder squad! I’m Yash Rane, all the way from India.

Even though I don’t come from a technical background, I’ve been obsessed with the power of AI since high school. When I discovered the term ‘No-Code’, I was blown away and immediately started exploring all the no-code tools out there.

  • Finally, in 2020, I launched my first website using these no-code tools.
    Now, I’m currently working on an AI-powered diet planner (Subscription Based Model) with no-code tool( that I’m super excited about.

It’s still a work in progress, but I can’t wait to share the link with you guys and hear your thoughts once it’s up and running.

Hello! I am Sarah, from New Zealand!

I am a designer who has been working in STEM for the last 5 years. My husband is a research engineer and together we have launched our first AI company

Cyte is a visual, searchable knowledge base of your screen time. Cyte gives you the ability to search your entire digital history from your desktop apps to your browser usage.

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Hey, I’m Alex from the Hints team. We’ve developed an AI assistant called Hints that help users utilize GPT4 by integrating it into messengers like Telegram, Whatsapp, SMS etc… and send it your productivity tools for:

  • Task Management: create/update tasks and deals in Notion, ClickUp, Hubspot and more
  • Note-taking: Create notes in Obsidian.
  • Events: create Google Calendar events and pull back your schedule.

Another part of this flow is pulling data back from these productivity tools right to the messenger.

You can try and talk to Hints in telegram for free and get an additional 1m free for all community members with coupon AIforThat

We aim to make AI accessible and beneficial for everyone, and we’re always eager to connect with fellow AI enthusiasts.

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Just tried Hints out. I’ll give feedback later.

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Hey @Lyn
Did you manage to try it? How do you feel about using it?

If any builders would like any help in regards to marketing, copywriting or content creation/editing. I want to make myself available to offer value to you and work together. I just want to be helpful in something that I am excited about. Also I am bilingual in spanish just incase your english is not so good

Hello everyone! I’m Cagri from Turkey.

I co-founded TaleBot with my co-founder in the U.S. TaleBot is an AI storyteller that writes personalized bedtime stories for children. When I saw the joy and wonder in my own daughter’s eyes as she listened to AI-generated tales, it inspired my co-founder and I to make this experience available to other families.

TaleBot is designed to simplify storytelling for parents, ensuring every child can enjoy a unique tale tailored just for them. Parents can customize characters and storylines, creating enchanting bedtime stories in mere minutes.

I’m genuinely impressed by the journeys and projects everyone has shared here. It’s a testament to how we are shaping the future of AI in myriad ways. Collaboration over competition has always been my motto, and I’m eager to connect, learn, and share insights with all of you.

Kudos to @andrei! Your website has been a beacon, guiding many of us towards valuable AI tools and innovations.

I’d love to connect with fellow AI enthusiasts and explore potential collaborations. Cheers to building, innovating, and expanding horizons in the captivating world of AI! :rocket:

I’m open to everyone’s honest feedback. If you want to give a try, use the coupon code FEEDBACK to get a free bedtime story. Looking forward to your thoughts. :slight_smile:

Hey Everyone!

Nate, Qonqur founder, here. I’m looking to connect with people that have a passion for AI and it’s future. The idea for Qonqur is to create sci-fi like interaction with digital information. That’s going to require a lot of work and feedback from forward thinkers. Ultimately, the goal is to accelerate and simplify how humans interact with the digital universe.

I’ve been programming for a decade and love how far AI has come! Looking forward to all the awesome tools that will be built in the coming years. Keep up the work everyone.

HI Andrei,

My name is Ramesh and I am the cofounder of We launched Highperformr tools a month back, and I would like to thank you and your website for some great traffic.

Incidentally, we have also launched over 40 microapps using Gen AI, that automates tasks for various people in an organization- performance marketers, content writers, designers, and product managers. So we decided to launch Highperformr Tools.

Can you please help us list each of these tools on your website? I’d think it wold be extremely helpful for all your visitors.

Tool Name URL

|AI Instagram Bio Generator|Instagram Bio Generator: Craft Personalized Bios with AI |

Thanks and Regards,

I’m Paul Goulart from San Francisco (web 1.0, 2.0 & 3.0) and I think we’ve arrived at a point where we can empower everybody with AI tools and help us avoid another Dot Com catastrophe in our cities and put the future in the hands of the individual instead of the large corporate interests. Commercial buildings should be converted to housing. Imagination is key! Let’s empower everyone to do AI things!!!

Try we’ve built in some pretty nifty micro apps in there

you have an excellent site! Glad to cooperate (if anything please contact me)

Hi everyone! I’m Bud from Texas.
I’m new to AI, and after reading about a few of you I am impressed with your knowledge and skills with it.

I am a manager in the IT field for over 20 years. I consider myself a jack of many trades, but a master of none. Technology has always interested me, but I only have a general understanding of AI and its intricacies. I am hungry to learn more about it; how it works and the applications. We all started from somewhere, so somewhere is where I’m at.

I would love to know how I can learn more about AI, how to use it for practical purposes, and share with others the little bit of knowledge I might be able to bring to the table.

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