AI for personal use

Hello everyone! I’m not active in the workforce but I would like to experiment with AI. I’ve been playing with ChatGPT but I can’t really figure out how to put it to better use than answering my silly questions and having funny conversations.

Does anyone use AI in their personal life? Curious to hear your thoughts.

PS: I made my profile picture with AI and that was fun. For privacy reasons it looks like me, but isn’t quite me. hehe

@Dongmei The key will be creativity as far as my team and I are concerned. I’ve used this to develop Michelin star recipes with measurements, a step-by-step recipe guide, and locally sourced ingredients.

Creativity is the key.


@Dongmei I think that there are many applications for personal use that have yet to be explored. For instance, I’ve used AI for home improvement and car repair help (ChatGPT with vision is great for this). You can use it to get recipe ideas as @Masterofthehunt mentioned. Imagine taking a photo of your pantry/refrigerator or listing ingredients you already have and getting ideas for recipes.

I’m exploring ideas for personal uses on Word.Studio. We have a “Thank You Letter Writer” and I am working on a “Memoir Mapper” that helps you outline your life story.

We have a “Word play” category on Word.Studio that have fun tools like the “Time Machine Simulator”, and a “Satire Generator” that helps you write silly articles.

I do use AI for personal use. Mostly chatGPT 4 for excel and brainstorming. The image generation by that is so generic I can spot is from a mile away. I am using WorkHack currently to have fun with forms that AI makes and I spread around.

AI technology has become increasingly accessible for personal use, offering convenience and efficiency in various aspects of daily life.
For instance, some AI tools specialize in providing quick customer support and can handle a vast number of inquiries simultaneously, whereas others are more focused on serving as personal assistants, helping with scheduling, reminders, or even suggesting activities based on your preferences.
I’m using which helps me correct grammatical errors, enhance clarity, and suggest better ways to phrase my writing, which is useful for personal and professional writing tasks.