AI generating music based on music album I feed it

Hey guys! Is there an AI that I can feed my favourite album (say 20 tracks), and it will give me variations of these tracks, with same tempo, mood etc. , but different overall?
My tastes are very specific, I do not want music that is far relative, I want just the same mood while listening.
The closest I can find is ExtendMusic.AI , but It just ‘remixed’ my tracks, and i want full re-make.

While there isn’t a specific AI tool that focuses on creating full remakes of music tracks based on specific criteria such as tempo, mood, and overall feel, there are AI-powered music generation platforms that could potentially assist you in creating variations of your favorite tracks while maintaining a similar mood and essence.

One platform you might consider exploring is Song Lyrics Generator. It uses AI to generate original music compositions based on user input, allowing you to specify elements like mood, tempo, and style. While it may not offer an exact recreation of existing tracks, you could experiment with its capabilities to create new compositions inspired by your favorite album.

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