Ai to write your book? In search, Do you know of one?

I am still in search for the Ai app that can take my 195pg draft, edit and rewrite into a good final book draft.

As of 7-15-23, I’ve searched and tried with FutureTools, ThersAnAiforthat, ChatGPT & CLAUDE with no luck. And have a big list to try from because their is no clear answer online, even from an Ai, nothing :wink:

  • Do you know of an Ai that can do a book as such, yet?

The book will be in my own wards. However what do you think?
If for example, I gave the Ai app 195 pages and asked it to expanded on it into a 300 page book.

  • Would it still be written by me?
  • Do I have to mention in the book Ai wrote the book?

Hi there~Have you tried this? [Write A Complete Book in 1 Step] (

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Thank you so much… The link to sample PROMPT worked but I’m sorry maybe I’m doing it wrong but none of the links or cut and past prompt into Chat.OpenAi and it replied: I’m sorry, but it is not possible to write a complete book with just one click.

Thanks for trying, or if you can maybe, explain further and I will try it again later.

Have a great Ai Day ^_^"

ANYONE find one yet ?

this one is very useful. not sure if it fits OP’s use case but to get it to work install the AIPRM plug in for chrome first AIPRM for ChatGPT - Chrome Web Store then try the link.

ur try programming helper in AI CHAT

i mean ur try AI CHAT DEEPAI