Announcing advertising options

Several AI founders asked for a way to promote their AI besides the regular listing on There’s An AI For That, so I’m glad to announce that this is now possible.

There are two options for promoting an AI:

  • Highlight. This makes the listing stand out and makes clicks lead directly to the external resource. The pricing model here is a flat subscription fee.

  • Feature. The tool will appear in the Featured section in the left sidebar on desktop. Pricing model is CPC (cost per click) and the ranking is based on the bid per click, similar to Google Ads.

These two can also be combined. As always, looking forward to your feedback.

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Humm… can we get a model that ghostery would block? Jokes aside, not a big fan, but the site could get some love on information architeture to have a better to find things. My guess is that ads would prejudicate how we find the tools.

Would depend the way is implemented whough

The main way to find things is to search with natural language. That’s the power of AI and it will get much better in the future. Might add filtering options at some point, but definitely don’t believe that’s the main way forward.

The sidebar and the highlight feature have no influence whatsoever on ranking or search results.