Are YOU 🫵 passionate about AI & looking for an established team to partner with?

:wave: Hello ‘There’s an AI for that’ community,

I’m Blaise from the LangLabs team :robot:. We’re a diverse group of seven AI/LLM experts, including backend developers, engineers, Langchain specialists, and data scientists. We’re making significant strides in the AI and Automation development scene this year, and we’re excited to explore the potential of builders and marketers from the ‘There’s an AI for That’ community to partner with​:ocean:.

:rocket: We’re here because we’re deeply interested in AI technology, and we’re keen to network and implement other AI solutions at LangLabs in a few projects we’re working on. We’re also open to exploring potential strategic partnerships, especially if you’re looking for support with software deployment and optimization. Currently we’re looking to network and partner with marketers, Lead Gen specialists, and Front end Designers, preferably with a passion for AI and using AI tools to streamline processes :newspaper:.

:handshake: We’ve recently partnered with a leading LLMOps provider, opening up a world of opportunities in the AI/LLM landscape. We’re excited to share our journey with you all :earth_africa:.

Our expertise lies in LLM development and operations, and we offer a range of consulting services:

:one: Creative Ideation: Tailoring groundbreaking ideas to unique needs.
:two: Strategic Planning: Crafting roadmaps for AI project success.
:three: Feasibility Assessments: Evaluating the viability of AI projects.
:four: Business Strategy: Aligning AI initiatives with business goals.
:five: Education & Coaching: Empowering informed decisions about AI initiatives.

:star2: We deeply value networking and communicating with individuals who resonate with our message. We believe that by connecting and exchanging ideas, we can collectively push the boundaries of AI development. We’re eager to engage with this community and learn from your experiences and insights :speaking_head:.

:handshake: If our vision aligns with yours, we’d love to hear from you. Check out this vid-> Let's Join Forces to Conquer the b2b AI Space - YouTube :point_left: and let’s connect, explore potential collaborations, and make a positive impact together in the exciting world of AI :star2:.

Blaise from

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