Call to Community (progressive, collaborative action)

Great work. Don’t worry; keep working on it. And people will come. Your strongest competitor is also good, but doing the same thing, I believe we are missing essential point players like you are missing.

The community will be more critical than ever when dealing with types of technologies. And when I say community, I don’t mean revolutions that lead to jungles. In jungles, the powerful, not the visionary, take control. Yet, ironically, it always seems to be the part of the movement at the beginning that ends up suffering the most. There are answers to this, And I’m not alone. You know where to find me,

Don’t fall into this trap. Do not create an underground community. Be the first one to take the step forward and invite the institutions.

This is the first time the figures leading the most advanced technologies in this field are also sceptical, worried, and open to collaboration. The movement will start from a small generous forum like this one.

The collaboration and change from ins
ide out, and not some attack of the vicious system but progressive collective adaptation.

My name is Philippe (Dhatakult); I run Switzerland’s date in AI unit switch consisting of over 200 people. Here’s my LinkedIn:üng-a315ba4b. I

Will quit my job this month. I did that because I acknowledged a technology that can quickly superspeed our capabilities and exploits our vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, it is happening every day around us.

We can build something beautiful. But for that must first realize that our technological evolution is exonentiallly growing, and so is our capacity for destruction, at a far more rapid pace than our intuition on how to wield such tools.

Please think this, though; I’m not alone here. Other players are on the move; you know where to find me. Mods, please help in peppering the message correctly.


Thank you Philippe for sharing your thoughts!

I myself was skeptical of AI and honestly might have been happier with out it. But it’s here and it will be used, so I’m trying to learn, connect, discuss, and grow.

I’m adding you on LinkedIn, as we have a few more things in common!

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Thank you, Tudor. I got you on LinkedIn. We already had a combined talk from one of the biggest communities in the field., And there was a resounding agreement around creating a type of caucus that could have a say on h behalf of the consumers,

An interesting point I want to highlight Tudor. We have different opinions. I love AI. You were happier without it,

But, we both empathize that if it’s not correctly handled, this sort of innovation can lead to problems. Hence, we cannot be the at the behest of private institutions

The consumer, who ultimately is most affected. Positively or Negatively. need to play a part in the public discourse.

2023 is going to be a very confusing year. Faced with a new epoch, some alignment and consensus are necessary

Have no doubt this is on everybody’s minds, Hence the effort for this combined voice, representing those that understand, as consumers the implications of different decisions,

With the intention of supporting the institutions instead of criticizing them, which up until now have acted quite a responsibility.

Dear Philippe,

I came across your message and was struck by your insights on the importance of collaboration and change in the field of advanced technologies. As one of the visionary creators you mentioned, I am currently working on a rental wellness app and conducting research and development.

However, I am facing a challenge with a billion-dollar company that is threatening to shelve my unique mental bonus app unless I come up with an additional $20,000 for the features they added post-signature. This has put a strain on my resources and is hindering my ability to continue developing this important tool.

I believe that your expertise and network could be instrumental in helping me find a solution to this problem. I would greatly appreciate any insights or advice you may have on how to navigate this situation and ensure that my app can continue to make a positive impact on people’s mental health.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,
BeeJai Reno, NV

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