Can AI write your book?

I am still in search for the Ai app that can take my 201 page draft, edit and rewrite into a good final book draft.

As of 7-15-23, I’ve searched and tried with FutureTools, ThersAnAiforthat, ChatGPT & CLAUDE with NO LUCK. And I have been testing from a big list of Ai’s trying to find one that worrks but So far there is still no clear answer online, even asking an Ai, nothing as yet: wink:

  • Do you know of an Ai that can do a book as such, yet?

The book will be in my own wards. However what do you think?
If for example, I gave the Ai app 195 pages and asked it to expanded on it into a 300 page book.

  • Would it still be written by me?
  • Do I have to mention in the book Ai wrote the book?

It’s a challenge for any tool. The problem with using AI to write an entire book is the limited context length. The API’s that all of the tools are hooking into cannot “remember” what chapter 1 said by the time you reach chapter 10. You can attempt do it manually in ChatGPT by creating an outline and summaries for each chapter and feed it back into the AI as you write each chunk of your book.

I am currently working on a micro-app that will outline a book (based on a specific story structure) Novel Outliner • Word.Studio (very rough)


Thanks for your help… I searched a lot by now and did finally find one the with do a full length book. DeepAi claims it will help take my 260 page draft and reorganize, grammar, spell check and use a lesson plan book structure giving me a full DRAFT for me to refine. DeepAi states it is an only an Ai disclaimer explaining it can only organized into a sensible book however the subtle nuances of the author will need to complete to their own style. Good luck with your book.

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Writeme.Ai has the capability to assist in writing books by generating content, providing suggestions for improvement, and enhancing the overall writing process. It can help with various aspects of writing, such as grammar checking, language style, and even generating text based on input, the creative and conceptual aspects of writing are typically handled by human authors. It can be a valuable tool in aiding and enhancing the writing process, but the final creation and authorship of a book typically remains with human writers.