Can I use AI to combine multiple pictures

More specific: I have some drawings of people made by my kids. Now I would like an AI to make that drawing look real and use my family members faces on them, so the AI would need both the drawing and pics of my family. Any AI that can do this?

This sounds like a cool idea. I feel like you might get some level of success by describing what you want and uploading the photos with GPT-4 +DALL-E 3.

You might also try the /blend command using Midjourney. You will not be able to prompt with a text command using this method though, so it will be hit and miss, probably mostly misses.

Interesting case though. I’d love to get a follow-up if you get anywhere with it.

Ok, just wanted to pop in here again to share this custom GPT created by Nick Dobos (of Mind Goblin Studios. Ask me what a Mind Goblin is if you don’t know). It is called Cauldron and allows you to Upload 2 or more images to remix, blend, edit or transfer styles.