Celebrating 1,000 members - here's what's next

We just passed 1,000 members, a month and a half after reaching 100 members. This is an important milestone because it shows that there’s interest in such a format for an AI community.

Now that we reached this second milestone, I think it makes sense for me to share the vision I have for this community and where I would like it to go next.

As of writing this, there are 2,400 AIs in our database, 1,000 of which were launched in the past month alone. The speed at which the AI market is moving is truly breathtaking and there’s a chance it will get even faster.

We recently got the ChatGPT API (10x cheaper than GPT-3), which has already started to unlock a whole new generation of AI apps. Now it looks like we’re close to the release of GPT-4 and Midjourney 5. Stability AI is also working on an open source LLM, which could potentially lead to another Stable Diffusion-like “Cambrian explosion” of apps. Perhaps that’s why the ChatGPT API was priced so cheap (to avoid being disrupted again as it happened with DALL-E).

The point is, the market is moving so fast and there is so much upside both for founders and society overall that we’re much better off sharing our knowledge and playing a positive sum game. This is especially true for small startups and indie makers.

This forum should reflect this principle. So from now on, we’ll focus much more on sharing knowledge. We’ll welcome and reward posts about topics such as:

  • How to build an AI app
  • How to use specific APIs
  • Marketing tips for founders
  • Networking between founders

Also, if you have ideas for topics that would be useful for AI founders, post them below or just go ahead and create them :).


How are you?

Everyone on the team deserves praise. :vulcan_salute:

You’re doing a great thing by doing this.

Every few hundred years or so, the world goes through some kind of change, like the agricultural, industrial, or Renaissance age.

In the short term, it’s a given that jobs will be lost, but in the long term, the benefits of implementing more effective solutions into our economy create more value and help us face the headwinds.

Right now, people like you and everyone else who helps this community, play an important part in how things move forward.

Too long, companies have been the only ones who could use the benefits of technologies like big data, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence.

We can’t let institutions and states make such important decisions on their own.

I’m not a revolutionary by any means, but I do believe that it’s our world and that we all have a duty to it.

This means, in other words, the power of community, the resurgence of the importance of the polymath, the digital generalist, and the Cyber samaritan.

It’s our job and a good thing to do, in my opinion, to help the other 90% take advantage of what the world has to offer.

So, with my hartin hand, I’m happy to help in any way. This community has also helped me a lot. Thank you for everything. I will be sharing my fair share and reachable to everyone.