Cool new AI tools

Without a doubt, it should be BrainstormGPT. I have to say, as a content creator, it helps me a lot! But hahhh, I don’t want too many people to know that. :rofl:

I think tools like that let you to talk with PDFs and ask all kinds of questions from it.

Bluedot - this tool will blow your mind.

It’s an AI-powered Chrome extension for Google Meet.

I think tools like that let you to talk with PDFs and ask all kinds of questions from it.

And now ChatGPT can do this natively, so RIP “chat with PDF” apps

Definitely not lol. Chatgpt + is 20 usd every month and you have no parsing of pdf pictures, no way to query multiple files and 10 other functionalities. Obviously you are mistaken

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True, but it seems OpenAI is adopting Amazon’s tactics of seeing what gets sold on with their platform and then offering that themselves. It also tells developers and entrepreneurs that they’re in a race to the bottom that they can’t typically win.

I am having a blast making little song hooks with Riffusion. Just write some lyrics and prompt with a description of the music style. Wild stuff.

@beeyondai (
All tools in one platform.

There are a few new cool tools out there imo.

  1. - Use this for every meeting and auto-share on slack for full transparency on the team.
  2. - cool ai features for remote workshops

and then of course my favourite one (biased):

  1. Kin (, a personal ai for your private life (memory and privacy, user fully controls and owns their data)


I find a new face swap tool -

The best part is no sign up required and daily free trial.

Hello TAAFTers. I wanted to share a few new tools just launched on Word.Studio

Reverse Dictionary: Thomas Jefferson once said: “The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do.” Have you ever needed to find a single word (or phrase) for a complex concept or idea? This handy little tool will help you find it quickly. Use the Reverse Dictionary here.

Cliché Finder: Are you proud of a particular piece of prose you wrote? Paste it into the cliché finder and watch it get ripped apart. This tool identifies overused and groan-inducing phrases and offers suggestions. Find Clichés here.

Alliteration Assembler: An Amazingly Agile AI Alliteration Assembler to Accelerate Any Article. Tinker with this top-notch tool today. Assemble an alliteration here.

2024, new year new tool haha. We just launched an AI tool builder on Licode :smiley:

Brooo AI is also into forms, there two are interesting players. Haven’t used formless tbh right now, but it is visually appealing. WH one is more on AI capabilities.

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Hey everyone, sharing BabelOn’s cool new AI tool that we just launched:
AI Trip Planner where you can plan the perfect, personalized trip in seconds!

Check out our MVP and let us know what you think!

If you looking nocode x AI solutions.

This is good. How do you think it will challenge