Cool new AI tools

There are probably thousands of different AI tools by now. Curious what you guys think stands out.

Off the top of my mind, I really liked these two:

Viral Post Generator
Is This Image NSFW


Youtube thumbnail generator
Meeting summaries - this is actually something I wanted to do myself but I never got around to it and by the time I launched this website there were already 3 startups doing it heheh


A.V. Mapping: AI Finds music from video, photos and scripts.


I just went through another cool website which makes AI images from the text description and there is no limit to create for free users as well. I hope it helps : )


Also worth mentioning RunwayML. Their suite of tools for image and video editing is super impressive and it’s free. And they have a really nice interface too.


Amazing! Thanks for sharing. @awanumer can I ask how are you using it?

All of this free? Back in my day we used to spend (waste?) days on stuff like this. Thank you, @Frederick


Dear ,
Any good solution to generate vectorial logotype?
Thank you

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Look I am biased, I think Autory.AI is really cool.

It’s a collaborative automation platform. People can chain prompts to create modules. People can build on each others modules and thus create massive automation flows.


Ummm, so far I find Arvin Ai prompt library and generator very helpful. Any other choices for the prompt?

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PromptPerfect is a great tool to boost your prompt engineering to another level :rocket: It optimizes prompts for for ChatGPT, GPT-3.5, DALLE, and StableDiffusion models.

Link to the tool:


Also cool tool that I am using on a daily basis is Rationale AI - a revolutionary AI to assist business owners, managers, and individuals in making tough decisions. Enter a pending decision or indecisive options, our latest GPT and in-context learning algorithms will list pros and cons, generate a SWOT analysis, conduct multi-criteria analysis or causal analysis to help you weigh your options


Culturama helps you to choose your dream workplace based on AI’s understanding of workplace cultures. The AI has compared the 1500 largest organizations using 5 million employee opinions.


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Superus: make stunning visual content with AI

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Forget everything. Now Bing’s free Image Creator has arrived (Microsoft Bingin Image Creator)

Simply masterful (photos based on DALLE 2)

Some images I have made:

  1. Giant bacteria against humans

  2. Carrot Hero :grinning:

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the youtube thumbnail generator you posted has great potential but Is chargeable as of now. i think a version with free daily limited prompts would be a hit. could you make it?

Holy smokes, those images look amazing.

I am testing the new AI Image generator tool -
Its generation is not too fast, but it is Free for now!

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there’s also Blue-willow

Definitely would add Ajelix AI Tools including an excel formula generator.