Creating Bookmarking AI

Hi all, I recently started studying at university and am making use of AI and AI-Tools,

For my course I make use of a lot of different tools, such as ChatGPT Plus and making use of the plugin features. ( mainly and I am still getting started) .

When using these plugins , such as " Diagram Show Me" there are a lot of links and such that I open or am able to access.

I am currently using Chrome, but am open for new suggestions. While using Chrome, I would like to sort my links in Bookmarks, that google supplies.

Now, my question is.

  • Firstly : Are there any AI plugins for ChatGPT Plus that could help me sort my links in the bookmark function on google.

  • Secondly : If there is not a plugin, would this be something you would consider building?

  • Finally : I would love to hear your feedback, if there is anyone I could get in contact with regarding this topic.

Thanks in advance

Yours sincerely,