Cyber Security consultation for startups

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About Us: We are group of cyber security professionals, working in this domain for years with extensive expertise and experience. We have consulted and worked with a lot of companies in the past and now decided to start our own boutique cyber security services company.

Why am I telling you this? Is this a marketing strategy?
Not really a pure marketing strategy or some shady sales pitch here.
We have started this new agency, we are expanding, and for this reason we want to give you a taste of Penetration testing services of ours, If you are a startup and want to know the security posture of your company or simply the vulnerabilities in your web applications, mobile applications, and cloud, we are here for you to find those before a malicious hacker does.

It’s called Penetration testing, if that’s something new to you. SO - We can provide you with a free consultancy on Penetration testing (we would try to find few vulnerabilities in your apps or cloud and report it to you and process on how to patch those!)


What we would get?
You could be a potential client when you would need a penetration testing services and would have a budget, you could contact us ! (No commitments needed for free consultation!)


We could be reached at [email protected] and we can provide you with our certifications, our LinkedIn profiles etc.


Hi, welcome to our community and thanks for your offer! I think security is especially important for AI startups, so it should definitely be helpful for some of the founders there.

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Thanks a lot.

We are available for any cyber security needs.

Reasons someone could need our services:-

  • Proven experience in cyber security of our team members.
  • Reduced pricing along with free trial of our services as a mini project so you get a real taste of real assessment and not security scanners. (This is because we are a new startup and trying to make a word of mouth for our company).

  • Obviously for your own peace of mind against hackers.

  • Investors could as for cyber security assessment reports.

  • Clients or customers could ask for the same for assuring their own security and privacy.

  • Compliance requirements.

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