Does anyone know which AI tool is used to create these kind of videos?

I don’t think there is an all-in-one video maker for something like this. I say that because there are too many components that need to be generated and the final output would be riddled with flaws without someone curating each asset and building it. But something like this could be made by editing visuals, voiceover, music, captions generated by:

Generate images: Midjourney or Dall-E or Stable Diffusion to make each image - Will likely need to generate multiple images to get usable images according to the sequence you plan for.

When you have a set of consistent images, animate them with something like Runway ML or Pika. Once again, you’ll need to generate many trial and errors to get usable shots.

Then use something like ElevenLabs to make the Voiceover.

I doubt that the music here was made with AI, but you can try Suno or Udio to make instrumentals. If you want to find out how to prompt the music without using artist names you can try the Word.Studio style articulator to get a short description of the music style.

After you get the assets made you can edit it all together with a traditional editor like Premiere, Final Cut, Resolve, etc. If you want to add captions with AI, there are many options but a few popular option s are OpusClip, Descript or