Don't pay now for yearly AI tools?

Reposting an interesting piece of advice I found on Linkedin:

Don’t pay now for yearly plans for AI tools. ↓

Prices will soon drop.

Since the release of ChatGPT you can do text generation either for free or for pennies.

Tho, generative AI market leaders like Jasper,, Writesonic, etc., are much more expensive.

It can’t last.

Here’s some back-of-napkin math:

Most generative text AI tools will charge $40/60 for 50/70K words:

→ $2,4 for 2000 words (a long blog post).
→ $102 to write as many words as in an average novel.

OpenAI GPT will do the same for 98% less :sweat_smile:

→ $0,05 for the blog post
→ $2,27 for the novel :exploding_head:

What do all the generative AI tools have in common? They all use OpenAI’s GPT under the hood.

Imagine if all the companies that sell water bottles got them from the same producer with the same design.

You can be as good at marketing as you want, but eventually, it will come down to price because you sell the same thing.

You’ve probably already seen a million posts on Linekdin listing AI tools. They are usually very long lists.

All the tools do the same thing. They pop up every day because the barrier of entry is very low.

OpenAI’s API is super easy to integrate.

Do you think a 45x price compared to OpenAI is sustainable in a soon-to-become red ocean?

So don’t get yearly subscriptions :smile:

I think there’s some truth in this. Thoughts?


My Apps ( & i ask users to use their own API key and pay $8 for unlimited usage with generous free plan.

what do you think of this?

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That makes sense.

Also, case in point regarding not paying yearly for AI tools: OpenAI just released the Whisper API for speech to text priced at $0.006/minute. That’s $0.36 an hour. 10-50 times cheaper than some existing apps that did the same thing, also based on Whisper. AI is quickly becoming commoditized.

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