Have you ever made an AI Survey? It can be made now

Most of the usecase of GenAI are in content creation - text, image and video. But an interesting facet of content is a Form (Quiz, Survey, Feedback etc) that brings in data long with it.

Typeform tried to make its conversational AI form called Formless but failed. Now, there’s WorkHack to get this thing done for free upto 1000 submissions.

I keep playing around with their surveys. Reliable until now. I’m never going back to Typeform now. Seems like the last decade.

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You made WorkHack? Or how did you stumbled upon this tool? :thinking:
Just asking out of curiosity :handshake:

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I’ve not made it. I’ve worked on the conversatioanl prompts and user testing. If you want to check it out, the link is this.

Not yet, but am intrigued to make some surveys. I’d be interested to understand more in depth on the data analytics behind the information derived from the surveys.

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The whole data analytics interface you can see if you have at least 20-30 submissions. Why not make a survey and spread around? I know this is a logn step but for privacy reaosns, I cannot show you insights of any other survey.