How can we use AI to improve patient outcomes?

As a doctor practicing in Nigeria, I always look for ways to take patient care to the next level. I hear AI will change the game for healthcare, but am not sure where to start or how to use it for work.

I am most curious about tools in the area of clinical decision making that help with fast and accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.

If there are any medical people here I want to hear your thoughts and experiences on how you using AI in healthcare.

Thank you!


You mean something like this:

This should help answer your questions:

Breaking Down AI Real Applications in Healthcare.pdf

Would appreciate it if you try and keep for your eyes only.
As for how to start. Electronic patient records.

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There are some podcasts by Dr. David Sinclair, who touches down on AI in healthcare. Some examples I remember is AI in smart watches, who analyzes the wearers gait over several years, to collect data on possible divergences which may hint early onset Alzheimer’s.

Similar data could be collected by continuous glucose monitors, EKG’s and other heart rate monitoring. If you’d have a trove of user health data, you could potentially diagnose a lot of things (which sounds scary as well). I get a kind of snake-oil salesman vibe from Dr. David Sinclair in general. But when I researched the items he mentioned in his podcasts, there does seem to be some actual R&D progress being made in those areas.

I wonder what others think about this.

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Edwin, I get the same feeling from him. Some of it is snake oil. He has figured out how to twist and sell pearls with pork chops. To come up with his own way of figuring out a person’s real biological age, he would need to know a lot about how people work.

I like seeing people interested in how these technologies can be used in fields where they can make a big difference. In the spirit of the new direction the community is taking, I’ll tell you about a case study I’ve been working on. There are no tests of the results in vitro. But It would be great to let the rest of the community use and improve the source code since it has many uses: