How is Gemini Better than Bard?

There has been a lot of buzz about Gemini recently. Can someone please explain how it’s an improvement over the previous version? Also, didn’t they announce last month that they’re now using the Gemini model in Bard? What exactly has changed since then?
Thanks in advance.


Well, you are correct. They’ve been using the Gemini model for a while now, but recently they’ve introduced additional features and capabilities, including a paid version called Gemini Ultra. The current buzz is mainly about this paid version, which is significant improvement over the previous iterations. Here, check out this blog to see all the features of Gemini Ultra:
Google Bard is now Gemini: 10 Mind-Blowing Features You NEED to Know!


Thanks, this is helpful.

Honestly chatGPT is far better. It gets job done - Bard/Gemini I find too much dependent on Google search data. Moreover, if nobody is using bard/gemini was a wrapper on top of their genAI tool, how good it anyway can be? Just thinking.