I made a lawyer-grade AI with GPT4: LegalNow

LegalNow is your AI-powered legal assistant that simplifies contract draft, review, and management, providing small businesses with accessible, user-friendly, and cost-effective legal support for all your contract needs. Start for free.

With our first version, you can:

:white_check_mark: Draft–Effortless Customization: Easily tailor contracts to meet your unique needs using our trained AI, coupled with our premier templates and comprehensive writing guides.

:white_check_mark: Review–One-Click Review: No more hours spent sifting through clauses and legalese. With a single click, review agreements, identify latent legal risks, and seamlessly modify contracts with utmost precision.

:white_check_mark: Query–Real-Time Assistance: As you draft and review, it’s like having a personal legal assistant at your side. Dive into any queries or uncertainties you might have, and find clarity in moments.

At LegalNow, our aspiration is to provide you with affordable and efficient legal support. :pray: We are on a mission to continually enhance our AI capabilities, integrating a wider spectrum of legal services, such as day-to-day consultations, into our product. :eyes: Moreover, by tapping into our expansive global network of attorneys, we aim to offer legal support that spans across various regions worldwide and under a fraction of the cost, you would spend on an average lawyer.