I'm looking for a way to carve up a conference video into individual talk videos

I volunteer for a nonprofit that sponsors an annual half-day conference. It was streamed live on YouTube, so we have the video of the full conference.

I want to carve up the video into the individual talks so that I can post them on our website (along with the talk titles and authors).

Any suggestions for tools that could help me? (Need free or really inexpensive ones!)

Here are a few that you might try. I’ve only used OpusClip personally. It is good for automatically breaking up longer talks into interesting condensed shorts, but it takes liberties with the content and you may have to go in and edit. Fortunately that is easy with text-based editing.

If you want to simply cut up the long video into individual speaker clips you may have less of a headache just doing it manually. One more advantage of OpusClip is you will get an xml file you can then edit in Adobe Premiere.

That said, I don’t think you’ll be able to find a free version of an AI editor that will edit automatically (unless you are fine with watermarks).