Introduction - AI Marketer

Hi all its good to be part of this community

I am new here but I would like to get to know some people in this forums.

I do marketing and am open to some discussions with some builders here.

Anyway its nice to meet you all

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Hey, nice to meet you :smiley:

Hello! 44 years young student here, I love learning and trying out new A.I. development as it is going to be critical in the near future as humanity shifts more towards embracing technology. The phrase: “Resistance is futile” comes to mind; so, may as well embrace it! I think technology like A.I. could benefit humanity in multiple ways but as a human race we must overcome the fear of using it and that it’s going to “TAKE OVER THE WORLD AND ERADICATE HUMANS.” I think of A.I. as like guns, or a pencil, it can be a friend or foe; it depends on how one utilizes it. Movies like “the Terminator” have amped up the fear concerning A.I.; yet if we take the time to understand it and use it responsibly before just rolling it out to everyone then I think it could benefit everyone. Which I stress, A.I. needs to be available to all, not just the ones that can afford it! It has massive implications in fields for people with speaking impediments or such! ANYWAYS! Hello from USA/TN and I am a friend of humanity and technology!