Is there an AI that creates Illustration in line format like infographics and charts?

Hey guys, I’ve been scouring the site for a tool that would allow me to create illustrations in the following format: It needs to look like a computer-made illustration, very simple, that’s in line with the topic I give it.

Here’s an example: Let’s say I am making a vlog about a specific disease, and I want to represent six different top statistics from that illness. I have all the data and all the words prepared, and I need it to generate six different images that refer to each point. For example, one could be a bar chart comparing two different countries. Another one could be a pie chart that contains the percentage of people that are concerned about this illness. The generation can be done individually. It doesn’t have to be all at the same time. Although that would be nice so that they can be consistency in the look and feel of each image.

I have tried pretty much everything on the market that I could find, and unfortunately they generate charts that are either completely ugly, for example in ChatGPT it’s using Python to create very basic charts. I have tried also image generation tools like Stable Diffusion, and they are incapable of writing proper text caption.

If I ask for an infographic, it gives me some sort of generic stock photo, and the text once again is neither editable nor is it readable. I am really struggling with that, and I think it would be a killer app if you could generate meaningful, professional-looking illustrations from text alone, as long as you provide it with accurate data. Thank you.