Is Zero Inbox a scam?

I just got the weekly “There’s an AI For That” email and the Zero Inbox AI looked really appealing. I have > 10,000 emails in my gmail account and was really looking forward for that ultra-efficient AI power to remove what I don’t want around anymore, so I went ahead and paid the $15 for the Pro tier, which said “10,500 emails”.

However, not only did it not address any of the thousands of emails I’ve archived — which is fine, maybe it was never designed to do that — but it didn’t even clean up my inbox.

I have 273 emails in my inbox, the large majority of which are marketing emails, credit card statements, bills, event alerts, etc. The AI walked through 4 or 5 senders, asking if I wanted to delete or archive emails from them, and then it said “No new emails, come back soon!”

There’s no option to ask the AI to do anything. There’s no Settings page. There’s nothing. Just a message from the AI saying it’s done.

If this “AI” really can’t see the hundreds of pieces of crap cluttering my inbox, then I want a refund. I emailed their support email ([email protected]) about this, and got a 550 5.1.1 error: The email account that you tried to reach does not exist.

Anyone know anything about this website? Not sure if I can tag users here, but let’s try: @shayanarman, can you help me out?


Ive noticed a few, about 2 or 3, that after seeing them on the list , turned out to be “scamish” i hope u get this resolved, and see how if the user up and pulls a fast one, which hopefully this isn’t the case, but brings us a valid query, what can you do in a situation like this! Once again, very sorry!!