Let's all take a six-month break

I have now read the open letter signed by E. Musk and 1,000 “researchers”/managers according to which that a “pause” of at least six months would be needed in the training of A.I.'s most advanced systems.

I find this so superficial…

To pause for six month in the development of the most advanced systems is to neglect science and technology for fear of ignorance.

We are well aware of the phenomenon of hallucinations in these systems and delaying the improvement of a system by interrupting the “training of the AI model” only takes us further away from the goal.

The truth is that we have all seen too many science fiction movies that are often dystopian for marketing reasons, and that may be the real problem.

I’m sure even Isaac Asimov would argue for extreme caution and the promotion of ethical leadership, but without calling for disruption.

What do you think?


I’ve said on numerous times unless you get China and othwr countries to make a binding agreement to pause…and Elon stops with his Planet of The Apes Neutal link experiment currently and other projects pause…its definitely bogus!! It’s just asking a leader in a space to stop so their competitors can catch up. Emad later said that the hardware tech needed to go to the next level won’t be available for at least 9 months…so if he is correct the development is already paused.


HA… what a joke… even if they did agree to pause, SOMEONE would be continuing to develop in the background. those who have nothing to lose or seek and edge over US will ignore this agreement. It’s a futile request.

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Relevant post by Scott Alexander: Most Technologies Aren't Races - by Scott Alexander

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President, I respect the concerns raised, but pausing AI development for six months might hinder progress. Instead, let’s focus on ethical leadership and cautious advancement, learning from the insights of pioneers like Isaac Asimov. Let’s shape the future responsibly. Sure, suggest and insist on Pikashow for iOS, enhancing accessibility and user experience on Apple devices. Your feedback matters!