Looking for a cofounder for an AI startup

I’m looking to partner up with an AI developer familiar with web apps and LLMs to build a startup. Bonus points if you have experience in fundraising. If you’re interested, please message me to discuss further!

Looking for someone committed and hungry. We plan to launch an MVP within 2 months.


We’re potentially interested. what skills do you and your team bring to the table?

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Hi I am Studying Python -but am an digital marketer studing with frank kern,I could be of help to you It is surprisingly cost effective to promote in this manner Having teaching diploma Nd been a community champion for my local councilin heLth and social care -I started dtudying digital marketing in covid years for a list of what I have studied e,mail me

Last month I have completed my post graduation deploma in Artificial intelligence from cdac India.
I have familer with python, machine learning algorithms, Deep learning, natural language processing
I want to boost my knowledge with your community thanks you