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Would make the search feature AI-based so that you don’t have to search for the exact use case that’s listed on the site.

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Dear team at

Jess here from Eklipse, we’re a market-leading A.I powered tool that automatically captures streams into highlights, and clips, and lets you share directly to any of your socials.

We wanted to reach out and ask if you would feature us on your mainsite. Let me know if you have some requirements we need to do!

Thank you,

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Hi, feel free to submit it. There’s a button in the bottom right hand corner.

here’s an ai for hiring and due diligence and other big decision making functions - they have templates for due diligence and hiring and more

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Hello @tudor and @andrei what amazing job are you doing with!!

May I know how this website is built? and what technologies or framework are you using?

Thank you,

Thanks! It’s actually just me, though @tudor helps with moderation here. The website is built in plain PHP & vanilla JS, nothing fancy.

Hello @andrei ,

Hope you are well :slight_smile: How do you get updated with all the NEW AI tools that are launching every day? Do you research manually or have you created a bot which scrapes through internet to get new AI websites IDK how it works

A mix of manual work, bots and user submissions.

Hello @Andrei. i came across this site by accident. it was a discovery. congratulations for the idea. i won’t have to spend too much time on reddit for news. keep up the good work. my only suggestion is to put a ranking of the apps to the most clicked by forum visitors

Hey, thanks for the suggestion. I plan to allow users to register and bookmark AIs. Once I do that, I’ll be able to rank apps by number of bookmarks, which I think is a useful metric.

I can’t see anything.

  1. Options to turn off dark mode or
  2. Can you change the font to white

Are the “Pros&Cons” and “Q&A” sections of the TAAFT Tools page also generated by ChatGPT?