New GenAI API Cache-as-a-service launched!

Excited about the PromptMule launch! As an app developer, juggling API costs with performance is always tricky. PromptMule’s approach to API caching, supporting OpenAI, Anthropic, and soon Google, appears to be an intelligent solution, particularly with its focus on AI and LLM optimization. I’m keen to explore its capabilities and assess the benefits for operational efficiency and user experience. Kudos for tackling a significant challenge in the developer community! :star2::iphone:one last thing to mention: PromptMule is a graduate of Fall 2023 Cohort AWS Build Accelerator, and we appreciate everything the team at AWS has done for us! Thank you.

Our Product Hunt launch went live this weekend at 00:01 (12:01am) Pacific Time, December 16th 2024: PromptMule - Cache-as-a-service for generative AI app developement & prod | Product Hunt

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