[New Template] OpenAI SaaS - Tools Generate (No-code)


We present the Bubble model dedicated to visionary entrepreneurs who wish to dive into the exciting world of AI-powered SaaS businesses, using cutting-edge technologies like OpenAI and DALL-E. Our template is a complete and robust solution, developed with the latest innovations in mind, and offers a range of powerful features to help you easily build your own SaaS empire. :star2:

Preview Video:
See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwS3mYTg1R4

Highlighted Features:

:credit_card: Integration with Stripe: Create a subscription-based SaaS business model with Stripe integration, allowing you to efficiently manage your customers’ payments.

:lock: Customizable Access Levels: We offer access levels for both customers and administrators, ensuring proper security and control on your platform.

:hammer: Custom Tool Creation: Develop your own tools with advanced prompts for image and text generation through an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

:bar_chart: Token Tracking: Monitor token usage according to the subscription plan, ensuring transparency and control over consumed resources.

:busts_in_silhouette: Customer Management: Easily manage registered customers on your platform, enabling efficient activation, deactivation, and account updates.

:key: Custom Token Configuration: Choose between a global token or individual tokens for each registered user, personalizing the OpenAI API access experience.

:floppy_disk: Data Storage: Safely store all images and texts generated by your tools in a dedicated repository within the platform.

:mega: Included Landing Page: Impress your visitors with an attractive landing page that engages and converts your leads into customers.

:art: Style Customization: Easily configure color palettes through the “Styles” functionality in Bubble.

:iphone: Progressive Web App (PWA): Adapt your template to PWA, providing an exceptional mobile experience for your users.

Furthermore, our template was built with the assistance of the renowned WGMI Academy, which offers high-quality free courses. If you’re already part of the community and have completed the “Bubble Course - AI No Code SaaS Pro” you’ll feel right at home with our platform. :books:

With the Bubble model dedicated to AI-driven SaaS entrepreneurs, you’re on the right path to turning your visions into reality, making the most of advanced technologies and best design practices. Start your journey to SaaS success today! :rocket::star2:

NOTE: The PWA only works on a paid Bubble plan. Access the template’s documentation to configure.

NOTE: To avoid responsiveness issues in Bubble elements, enable “Use new responsive properties for this plugin’s elements” for all Bubble plugins. Access the template’s documentation to configure.

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