Pietra's Invitation to Innovate: Create AI Plugins for the Future of eCommerce 🚀

I’m an engineer on the AI team at Pietra, an e-commerce ecosystem that’s backed by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) and Founders Fund. We’re all about using AI to revolutionize e-commerce, and we’re really excited about the collaborative potential here.

We’ve noticed many of you are tinkering with GenAI projects and might be nurturing dreams of launching your own startups. We’re here to give those ambitions a bit of a boost. We’re planning to open source some of our core GenAI technology and we’d love for developers here on reddit to join us in exploring its potential.

Here’s the deal: We’re inviting devs to build and list their apps on our platform. Accepted apps will not only receive up to $5,000 in prize money but will also benefit from a revenue-sharing model. Plus, your app or plugin will gain immediate access to our exclusive community of over 250,000 e-commerce brands ranging from budding businesses to several 9 figure e-commerce giants. While you focus on creating, our sales and ops team will take on the task of getting your product out there, ensuring you receive the majority share of the revenue it generates.

Check out Pietra | One-stop platform for your e-commerce brand for more details on how you can get involved