Post your deals on AI tools here

I thought we should create a thread to uncover good bargains on AI tools.

Let’s post deals following this format:
Short Description
Regular Price
Deal Price
Instructions (links, coupon codes etc)

Some benefits I see:

Cost Savings: Find great deals on AI software and services, saving money on our projects.

Stay Informed: Stay up-to-date with the latest AI software and services.

Community Building: Foster a sense of community among AI enthusiasts, researchers, and professionals here on TAAFT.

Expert Advice: Gain valuable recommendations and insights from experienced AI users.

Here they are:

Simplifies quiz and test creation.
Regular Price: $588 lifetime
Deal Price: $49 lifetime

Digital aid for personalized productivity and growth.
Regular Price: $240 lifetime
Deal Price: $59 lifetime

Generate strategy via prototyping and reporting.
Regular Price: $900 lifetime
Deal Price: $69 lifetime

Ad creative generation for social media marketing.
Regular Price: $varies
Deal Price: $varies
Instructions: Apply FIRSTYEAR25 after the sign-up!

Neural Newsletters
Generated personalized newsletters.
Regular Price: $1164 / year
Deal Price: $582 / year
Instructions: 50% off an annual plan for founding members:
Writing and SEO optimization assistant.
Regular Price: $varies
Deal Price: $1 / 5 days
Instructions: Get started with a 5-day trial for only $1. Cancel anytime.

Regular Price: $120
Deal Price: $96
Instructions: Use discount code BLOGGERTIPS at

PS: No spam or self-promo, please!


Hi tudor! Thanks for sharing the list of the good bargains on nice AI tools. Thumbs up :+1:t2: And I would recommend one more useful AI tool I found recently to join the list.

ChatGPT-powered voice-to-text tool with fast transcription and AI summary
Deal Price: $14.99 / 1000 mins
Instructions: Beta Version with great offers for new members. No subscription fee. The transcription minutes will be deducted once you used them.


Hi @tudor, thanks for sharing those deals!

As TaleBot, we started a deal that will last until November 19. Here are the details

Personalized bedtime stories for kids
Regular Price: $1.99 per story
Deal Price: FREE
Instructions: Just fill out this form, we removed the payment wall: Create a Personalized Bedtime Story for Your Child

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