random panel layout generation


I’ve spent some time trialing a number of free tools with no luck and realise I could spend the rest of my life looking for the right tool without progress :slight_smile:

I’m looking for a tool to generate a random tile or panel layout. I need to be able to specify :

  • The area I want to cover (7m x7m approx)
  • The shape of the area I want to cover (a right trapezoid) with a seam running from the top left cornet to the bottom right
  • Seam/Join thickness, i.e. the space between connecting tiles/panels (10mm)
  • Tile/Panel specifications - maximum size, minimum size, rectangle or triangle only

The actual project is a plywood panel layout for a pitched ceiling. Coming up with a random layout has been quite difficult and I was wondering if there are any 2d cad tools with AI built in or some text to illustration tools that may help.

Any suggestions would be awesome!~


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